About Us


“One generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.” Charles Raison

ninos emphasis is on the child’s overall growth. This led us to introduce our four verticals - Developing Preschool Curriculums, Experimenting and Experiencing Life Skills, Designing Parents-Child Activities and Organizing Parenting Workshops.

Headquartered in Mumbai, ninos is working constantly to teach children new things through workshops, out-of-school activities and preschool curriculums. Founded with the purpose to give children and parents a gift of special moments where they both enjoy in our activities and share their life-experiences together with fun. We let kids experience the world themselves through self-exploration, engage them in play-dates with playmates and parent-child activities, which help them socialize and become responsible.


Believing in the expressions of Charles Raison’s quote, we plan and organize interactive and creative yet simple and safe kids activities and workshops which are designed for children and parents, together as well as individually. Our focus is not only improving the life-quality of a child but of a new-born parent too, who are curious about several things children do and parents should do, which we call Needful Parenting, a need for today.  


We envision building a community where children and parents engage themselves in interesting activities and spend quality time together, delivering eminent experiences to them. Focusing on child’s tremendous growth and enhancing the life-quality of a child is just a part of what we do at ninos. Our Mission is to create an ecosystem where parents and experts are connected and form a better future.

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