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Life Skill Activities

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”  Jess Lair

Every child has an inherited talent or an aspiration which we nurture and polish using interactive activities and give them an opportunity to experience their aspirations in a realistic environment. 

ninos, with tremendous proficiency, plans life skill activities and provides an enriching out-of-school life experience to kids. We encourage intelligence and awareness of 7 years to 12 years children and groom their overall persona by letting them explore in a dramatic, creative and fun way. 

Our highly skilled professionals conduct ingenious and enlivening activities which help in possessing colossal qualities in children 


Intellectual Acquaintance

We engage children in wordplay, financial literacy, detective skills and similar activities to help them elevate their generic intelligence and logical reasoning.

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Scientific Approach

We craft activities to give budding scientists an opportunity to learn the basic scientific principles while enjoying every bit of it and experimenting while playing.

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Tech Think Tank

Our techno smart activities encourage children’s creative yet Tech-mind while performing smart and intellectual coding-decoding techniques.


Nurture the Nature

We design gardening, jungle fun and plantation activities where children feel close to nature, quest their inquiry and gets inspired to respect and understand the importance of mother nature.


To boost children’s confidence and communication skills, we organize short-speech reading, story creation, radio jockeying and similar acts which also help eliminate stage-fear and build confidence.

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Health & Happiness

We believe in channelizing children’s energy and developing good habits in them by enhancing self-confidence, concentration and clarity in thoughts with the help of Yoga and Meditation.

Contact Us to Help Your Child Learn the Life Skills and Ace Their Tomorrow !! 

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